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Psalm 20:7


I very happy to let you know that WE GOT A NEW BLOG!!!! So, I’m not going to be undating this one anymore!!! From now on, you can keep up with us and our photos at www.kalialily.com/blog 

Let me tell you that the new blog took a lot of hard work!  We learned a lot about codes and all kinds of Geek Squad-ish stuff!!! I love it! 

Alright, it’s lights out for the old snoop bloggy blog! 


Yesterday I received a FW from Celeste (my mom-in-law).  It sort of stopped me, and shaped my attitude for the rest of the day.  How often I can say that I don’t appreciate all the blessings I have been given!  It’s a shame that God blesses me and I don’t even realize.  With the economy crisis and all the uncertainties that seem to pile up, it’s hard to remember that life is more than just the daily grind.  It’s also hard to remember that there are people out there in this world who are suffering greatly.  I’m ashamed for forgetting.

I want to point out that I didn’t cake these pictures, but I really love what this kind of photography has the potential to do.  A photograph can capture a moment (good or bad) and stir the hearts of the people who see it (hopefully to action). 

I’m challenged to pray for the devastated people of our world, and I want to extend the invitation to you.  Will you pray with me, pray that people will be healed and loved.  That the lost may be found and that there could be joy in their lives.

…it’s Alan Andai Music Entertainment.  Check them out at www.aamusicians.com or email Alan himself at alanandai@aol.com(he’s super nice)  I recently shot a wedding and the bride and groom hired his string quartet to perform for their ceremony.  They were so talented.  It really added so much to the emotion of the ceremony (I felt like I was watching a wedding unfold with an amazing soundtrack running).  They offer so many different ensembles and bands, basically whatever your taste is, he’s got it covered.

Check it out for yourself!


A little bit of seeing double

Today the cutest little girlies celebrated their 2nd and 3rd B-Day!  They had a great Dora themed party. 

This is my favorite little chocolate face!


I look like Dora the Explorer!!!

Lukers with Grampa.












This is little Oopsie Daisy!  She’s Celeste’s (my mom-in-laws) pup!  She came to our house for a little visit and we were trying to teach her to sit. (I think it worked)

Here are a couple of Brendan’s pictures from the Picnic Shoot.  Didn’t they turn out great!  Brendan is a photography prodigy!

Today we shot at the luscious, decadent, 8th wonder of the world that is the FAU BocaCampus!  It was so hot and the flies nearly ate us up but Stephen and Ash were such pros at this.  (Brendan is going to try to get them hooked up with the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency)  Ashley just looked stunning!  And oh, that cute yellow dress.  They are so precious together and so fun to photograph. 

On a side note! I think I have some kinda stomach flu and I have a busy day tomorrow! Pray that my stomach co-operates with the schedule. 


It’s that time again…


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